Lobster Unlimited

Creating novel uses for lobster and crustacean by-products.

Founded in 2013, Lobster Unlimited, LLC has developed new ways to recycle the waste from lobster processing and render it into commercially viable products.

Cosmetics and Skin Care
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Cosmetics and Skin Care

Lobster Unlimited has developed a skin care cream comprised of 15% lobster hemocyanin. Informal trials and focus groups are ongoing, with a market launch planned for early 2019. Currently, Lobster Unlimited holds one patent for the use of lobster hemocyanin to treat skin lesions and has additional patents pending.



In 2013, Lobster Unlimited developed a working relationship with Calcium Silicate Corporation, of Lake Forest, Florida and initiated strategies to convert waste lobster shell into useful soil amendments. This effort culminated in the formation of Coastal Chitin, LLC of Saco, Maine, a processing facility that grinds, dries and processes waste lobster shell into pelletized organic fertilizers, as well as a range of valuable chitosan products.

Life Sciences

Life Sciences

Specialized hemocyanins from mollusks and arthropods have a range of uses in the biomedical field. Because of their scarcity, these hemocyanins are highly valued and attain premium price points. Lobster Unlimited, in collaboration with Lampire Biological Laboratories of Pipersville, PA, has developed an alternative to KLH (keyhole limpet hemocyanin) based on hemocyanin from the American lobster. Called LLH (lyophilized lobster hemocyanin), this new product promises equivalent benefits as KLH as a protein carrier, but with the added benefit of being more readily available from a sustainable fishery.

Medical Potentials

Lobster Unlimited has conducted a series of laboratory tests which support the anti-viral power of lobster serum when introduced to viral cultures. Currently, Lobster Unlimited has one patent for this discovery, with additional patents pending for viral and neoplastic treatments.

Our Team

Led by Dr. Robert Bayer, Director of The Lobster Institute at The University of Maine, Lobster Unlimited is comprised of 4 members who have a range of experience in the business, science and academic sectors. Collectively, the group holds more than 10 patents.

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